Does this happen to YOU?


 Happy then crying

Your mind plays tricks on you

You have lost before it starts

Your endgame is near

Nowhere to run

No help 

Nobody lifting a finger

Just talk

That is not help

Having money from a will is why you are where you are

Stop pushing me off to others

We are kin

You wait until I am gone

When I am all but on the streets


Up a hill he went

Torn clothes, shoes shredded, his ass limping from all the weight on it but it will all be worth it when he got into town with his haul. It started to turn dangerously and he and his ass sat against a tree.

The man tries to get up to find his ass has died. Deeply saddened but this meant a lot and he would not have wanted to disappoint me and make his asses’ death be in vain. Bloodied now in both feet, a high sun with heat in the low 100s and the trophy would certainly rotten, but he moved on.

Hyenas attacked at night and took half of his bounty. This was now a dying worth of type of kind of quest for the man. He napped close to town but could not do it. He awoke to vultures picking the last of his catch and he was still the town fool that tried to be the town here.

Yes there is an homage and most will decipher this…

I’m famished

I can eat just about anything at the moment. I do have good control and can lose it for a few months and nobody would know the difference and most think I am constantly doing something to keep the weight off when I am not, 😉 for those in the know. Well they know at least some more than others.

Wind in an open field

Today, a beautiful day, I one to a flat field

Thoughts of exercise, running but stared at Squirrels 

A good day to finally run and fast but no

Just an open field and no clouds

Little wind and then a gust or two

Lucky to see a Chipmunk and interacted with a squirrel

No fight in order

No turf war or look at my juice peks

An odd hello and tell Marge hello

An ebb and flow of wind, light clouds, people and being relaxed

A day to wish for any day

A simple one

A lovely one

A vision

A look


Staying Productive as a Freelancer


Previously, I have posted articles and tips on Time Management and how apps increase my productivity. However, being a freelancer, time is pretty much controlled by yourself. Unless, of course, your clients dictate on the time you need to work, otherwise, it is pretty much left to individuals to manage their time as long as work gets done and projects get submitted right on time.

Many of you have wondered how I managed to post an article almost every day and still have time for my clients, my family (not forgetting my attention demanding kittens) and myself. My clients sometimes wonder as well and often pop the question how did I manage to juggle it all. Today, I shall share my secrets and see if you are able to apply these tricks to your daily lives as well.


Work Anywhere and Everywhere
As I’m writing this, I’m slurping my noodles…

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To my award posting friends I will do them tomorrow

I have been overwhelmed and a few of you know what I mean. I am in a bad time. I am not writing as much as normal, checking sites and other things due to a conflict I can’t win. I know you will understand as anyone that sees my action on my other site knows I bang out posts and awards. Unless I am stuck on my phone or the library that does not allow pulling pics to the desktop. I do have at least 2 in my queue for tomorrow. 🙂