Take My Love

Love is selfish. It doesnt care whom you love, or why It just consumes. If love is selfish, then I want it. the kind of love william Shakespeare wrote his sonnets about as sure as the stars die in the sky, and sun slowly sets, sureness of the love most of all? I dont want […]

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Rectal Teeth


  • You Are Chinese In Beijing
  • You read Americans poisoned Children
  • In Flint Michigan
  • What was the reaction
  • Defundthe EPA
  • Clean water for children is reprehensive
  • Besides for poor Black children it’s too expensive
  • No one goes to jail
  • Another of those too big to fail
  • But then, you are in Tokyo
  • And you read, Americans
  • Bomb the Syrians
  • For gassing Syrian children
  • You call your friend in Beijing
  • Are these Americans crazy
  • Just what are they thinking
  • Then you are in Tehran, Iran
  • You had a democratically elected government
  • The Americans overthrew
  • You have history with them
  • You knowmadness is what they do
  • Chaos is what they sow
  • You explain to your friend in Tokyo
  • Reading news in Viet Nam
  • Americans napalm’d children
  • Burning them like bacon’d ham
  • Americans, always lying
  • Always killing, always stealing
  • I dare you to name a land
  • Where they haven’t been
  • Attempting to…

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Life is all about PAIN !!

Here we are

I and me

Sitting alone at the edges, till ages

Just the air is there, to accompany

Unless we imagine, you to be.

And when we don’t

We are in complete isolation.

We often are woke-n up

By the eyes running over us.

And we get scared

And close our eyes and mind in haste

To re-start our systems with a blink

And there you are, beside us

We smile at you

And you smile back.

This is how human life runs

With few realism’s, Ruling our bodies

And few illusions,

Ruling our souls !!!

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Dear friends, Thank you so much for your all the comments and e-mails & all the direct/in-direct supports, when I was being away from the blogo-sphere.

Thank-you so much !

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I come to you open.
Nothing to hide.
Bound to your heart.
Found through your eyes.

I’m humbled.
I’ve nothing to hide.
In love I have stumbled,
You take me in stride.

Touch me.
Let me feel you inside.
Our souls know no limit.
Let our bodies collide.

I’m honest.
If we lay here tonight.
Then promise.
You lay as my wife.

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Up and Adam

Xara Nahara

So, I am right on schedule this morning. I am in the restroom (TMI, I know, but it’s morning) contemplating my life and figuring out what all needs to be done. I have a huge plate ahead of me, much everyone else does. I was glad to have a day off yesterday. I got a few things done. I am still not where I need to be, but I am slowly used to being behind. I am slowly coming out of this damnable depression, and that is a blessing in of itself. I worked on my scrapbook that I have been slowly working on for three years this morning. I woke up 15 minutes ago. I need to have a cup of coffee and get moving.

Xara Nahara O’Connor

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And the Truth Spills Out

Everything I Never Told You

Let’s imagine that
you love me,
and no light can dim,
no faucet can leak,
and no one can take
you away from me.

Let’s imagine you love my risotto
and seared salmon,
and that you drink the wine,
the Scotch, and the tea.
Your eyes constantly on me.

Let’s imagine I’m what you imagine,
and I can cook risotto and seared salmon,
and never let your glass run dry.
All with my eyes on you.

Let’s imagine we had chemistry to spare,
that we are all warm mouths, and entwined limbs.
The eyes of the sun and the mountains.

Let’s imagine we weren’t the long read,
that took moments to unread.
The storm cloud that spilled
from our shattered wine glasses.
The headlights that flickered out.
The seared salmon that went cold,
the burnt risotto in the pot,
the empty glass in the leaky sink.

Now let’s focus on…

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