A Nefarious plan is coming

I am sinking fast and the water is cold. A good thing if I drown there

Then there will be no more games and lies played to deal with

There will just be me being cremated and in a box my remains

That is where I am headed and that is all I have to look forward to

Perhaps a fight as well and still I will get a death penalty for it

It would be worth it but I am on a distant island sitting and waiting

Does this happen to YOU?


 Happy then crying

Your mind plays tricks on you

You have lost before it starts

Your endgame is near

Nowhere to run

No help 

Nobody lifting a finger

Just talk

That is not help

Having money from a will is why you are where you are

Stop pushing me off to others

We are kin

You wait until I am gone

When I am all but on the streets



Sometimes you are pushed, bullied and more

It’s up to you to fight and endure

No kid gloves given

How hard you’re driven

Now it’s time to let them know you’re sure


T oward a goal that you set

R olling down the smooth hill

Y our equilibrium is now askew

I side you’re feeling a little bit dizzy 

N ot going to stop you from an easy task

G lad it’s done and now get your legs back

Why not?

It seems a question

In every sense every word

Is it fair or not?


You don’t know the light

You don’t know me a second

You can’t be sure now


Oh well then how so

Oh no I’m truly single

Oh I understand


You should have some doubts

I do truly understand

Oh I don’t do this


***Not a line, not a game, just I thought I saw something different***


A ll over most days is me

C aution the days I don’t

H ave me doing a bit much

I nto having a decent agenda

N ot into resting on prior laurels

G reat days seen once maybe again


F ire from deep within

I t’s time to move along

N o looking back, forward

A nother would but not me

L ast to sleep while thinking

L ost a battle but won the war

Y our turn to shine just for you


S o it’s so calming out today

verything starts off  real slow

R eally no edginess and all is well

E asy that it seems it’s an art to know

N ot going to stay slow forever it changes

E vening howls and the moon make this a game…

To my award posting friends I will do them tomorrow

I have been overwhelmed and a few of you know what I mean. I am in a bad time. I am not writing as much as normal, checking sites and other things due to a conflict I can’t win. I know you will understand as anyone that sees my action on my other site knows I bang out posts and awards. Unless I am stuck on my phone or the library that does not allow pulling pics to the desktop. I do have at least 2 in my queue for tomorrow. 🙂