Sometimes you are pushed, bullied and more

It’s up to you to fight and endure

No kid gloves given

How hard you’re driven

Now it’s time to let them know you’re sure

Simple really

What is it about the one person that would be all of you

That one whose faithful, compassionate loving and true

Simply putting it you are just it all

Immensely amazing in a lovely ball

Never a worry there would be any sort from out of the blue

One Crazy Summer….4 TM

A lonely fellow was always harassed by the cute and fuzzy bunnies

They say always say he’ll never have love making jokes at his funnies

His next cartoon he bazookas all of umm

The next time they were much nicer hmm

Now he is more comfortable, not as afraid and for him more honeys


***Just A fast one*** 

A lovely day

Tis truly a day one could call this type of wonderful day

No argument here from any sort frolicking out in the hay

Ah enjoyment all around me

Yet there are none from thee

However it is for you, remember it as that it was set out to stay

Feeling free does not mean that you are free

Feeling on top of the world for that one moment in time

Does not mean you’ll be there when the clock does chime

Stripped of everything including pride

Friends turning away from your side

Shackled, torn, pushed down, dismissed to a hefty climb


***You were there, betrayed, you lost all things and beaten feels like losing freedom***