If a woman DOES?

She does not wait for the front door and kisses you in the parking lot

Never seems to be scared and is adventurous with you

She goes and grabs your ass long before you even consider grabbing hers

No she not easy, she is experienced and you are her type

Cereal on the floor, mess of a bed, hair is awful and a dog looks at you funny

Laughing on the floor and saying this was the best night ever

Calmness over you, laughingly, I’ve had better and a cereal/pillow fight occur

Lusting, loving, wanting and doing don’t need any bad labels

Wind in an open field

Today, a beautiful day, I one to a flat field

Thoughts of exercise, running but stared at Squirrels 

A good day to finally run and fast but no

Just an open field and no clouds

Little wind and then a gust or two

Lucky to see a Chipmunk and interacted with a squirrel

No fight in order

No turf war or look at my juice peks

An odd hello and tell Marge hello

An ebb and flow of wind, light clouds, people and being relaxed

A day to wish for any day

A simple one

A lovely one

A vision

A look



There are lots of things to brush

For women there is certainly hair.

Some men do too, theirs and their lovers

Of course there would be children and a style

Not least would be pets,  bow and ribbons or nothing

Some people see brushing as a chore and work

To those working with a fashionista it is

But to others it is a passion and an art

So the question is to brush or to not?

Give in the the artsy side or need…

Under fire

Attacked from all directions, foes and a Benedict Arnold like crew. They came in as friends to be double agents to the highest bidder. I had no idea that there were many looking for my demise, but there were. 

I may succumb to all of this as I am only human. But I will try until I am finished off and left for dead by these perpetrators.

Must garner good luck

Facing bad things in 2 weeks or less is a horrible gut wrenching feeling. Nothing I can say, do or beg will have the oppressor and accomplice discard me with haste and not looking back. Just thinking they did a good thing by using such methods and over reacting to anything I say.

Back to luck, I have things on the horizon but not big. Therefore I need to plot the right day and make a lot of money quickly and get some work to run away from this tyrannical and insane place. Though they are family and I would still miss them.

A place to hide

I need to run away but I just can’t

I have no means to do it now

My answer is no help from anyone

Nobody to depend on evermore

So I just hide

Stay in the dark

Tracing the shadows

Feeling the soft light

For just a second

Now I’m banished

No more tom foolery

Back under house and key…