Sometimes yes, sometimes no

I was brought up to be the bigger and better person and as a kid and even as an adult that is a hard distinction to make when it comes to actions, reactions and words said. An example: I have a new BMX bike I bought and it got slashed, I did nothing about it and I changed the tire and my father saw me doing so and I told him. He said if you have one he or they all better have them and gave me a razor to do so. I did and got in trouble, beat up at home and punished.

Next, I am picked on at school and do not fight back the first 2-3 times fearing a beating and punishment. So, I get home and get told if I have one black eye, they better have two. I would get attacked by several and would kick a whole classes’ ass. Again, I get home, beat and punished. Going away to college after working paper routes at 4am and walking horses at 6 since 4th grade, selling door to door and being Nationally ranked I went to school where I wanted.

My mother did not send papers in at all and I got less money than I wanted but not a huge deal. I was guilted and told I was not doing the right like I did not when first not fighting and now going against the family and the curse would take care of me for my insolence.A world ranked Freshman in several events, naturally and went home to het medical care.

I got gravely ill, when set to go back my mother, after separating from my father did and the curse, as they said got me. So I got cause into being the bigger person. Someone starts a fight with me if I can’t step on his foot and dip my head to have him hit the top of my head I try some other small and quick movement to avoid a brawl. Me being the could, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Some things I sorely messed up but were laughed about but I lost chances and promised never delivered on and now I am in the years you are not starting this. But who knows, maybe it is.