Up a hill he went

Torn clothes, shoes shredded, his ass limping from all the weight on it but it will all be worth it when he got into town with his haul. It started to turn dangerously and he and his ass sat against a tree.

The man tries to get up to find his ass has died. Deeply saddened but this meant a lot and he would not have wanted to disappoint me and make his asses’ death be in vain. Bloodied now in both feet, a high sun with heat in the low 100s and the trophy would certainly rotten, but he moved on.

Hyenas attacked at night and took half of his bounty. This was now a dying worth of type of kind of quest for the man. He napped close to town but could not do it. He awoke to vultures picking the last of his catch and he was still the town fool that tried to be the town here.

Yes there is an homage and most will decipher this…

Family members passing

It is never an easy thing. Whether it is old age, chronic bad health due to their lifestyle and the endgame can be forever. Knowing they are wheeling around oxygen for months on end, getting on planes when they should not and continue to do things they should not, you still are feeling bad about their mindset regarding their affliction and ultimate passing due to it.

A place to hide

I need to run away but I just can’t

I have no means to do it now

My answer is no help from anyone

Nobody to depend on evermore

So I just hide

Stay in the dark

Tracing the shadows

Feeling the soft light

For just a second

Now I’m banished

No more tom foolery

Back under house and key…

People you know

More treacherous than strangers while they hide behind their veneer of plasticity not wooden. That wouldn’t stick well. Their slimy, think in a fight they wouldn’t be a train wreck after you lay them out, despite the lies their hs gym teacher told them.

Many deserve an old school ass kicking. They will get one. I’m sorry working out doesn’t consist of feeding yourself and heaving and worse to lift a simple piece of furniture has people hide their tears of laughter and you think you can deal with someone is funny. Being pk kids could whup you good.