Up a hill he went

Torn clothes, shoes shredded, his ass limping from all the weight on it but it will all be worth it when he got into town with his haul. It started to turn dangerously and he and his ass sat against a tree.

The man tries to get up to find his ass has died. Deeply saddened but this meant a lot and he would not have wanted to disappoint me and make his asses’ death be in vain. Bloodied now in both feet, a high sun with heat in the low 100s and the trophy would certainly rotten, but he moved on.

Hyenas attacked at night and took half of his bounty. This was now a dying worth of type of kind of quest for the man. He napped close to town but could not do it. He awoke to vultures picking the last of his catch and he was still the town fool that tried to be the town here.

Yes there is an homage and most will decipher this…

Sometimes yes, sometimes no

I was brought up to be the bigger and better person and as a kid and even as an adult that is a hard distinction to make when it comes to actions, reactions and words said. An example: I have a new BMX bike I bought and it got slashed, I did nothing about it and I changed the tire and my father saw me doing so and I told him. He said if you have one he or they all better have them and gave me a razor to do so. I did and got in trouble, beat up at home and punished.

Next, I am picked on at school and do not fight back the first 2-3 times fearing a beating and punishment. So, I get home and get told if I have one black eye, they better have two. I would get attacked by several and would kick a whole classes’ ass. Again, I get home, beat and punished. Going away to college after working paper routes at 4am and walking horses at 6 since 4th grade, selling door to door and being Nationally ranked I went to school where I wanted.

My mother did not send papers in at all and I got less money than I wanted but not a huge deal. I was guilted and told I was not doing the right like I did not when first not fighting and now going against the family and the curse would take care of me for my insolence.A world ranked Freshman in several events, naturally and went home to het medical care.

I got gravely ill, when set to go back my mother, after separating from my father did and the curse, as they said got me. So I got cause into being the bigger person. Someone starts a fight with me if I can’t step on his foot and dip my head to have him hit the top of my head I try some other small and quick movement to avoid a brawl. Me being the could, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Some things I sorely messed up but were laughed about but I lost chances and promised never delivered on and now I am in the years you are not starting this. But who knows, maybe it is.

If a woman DOES?

She does not wait for the front door and kisses you in the parking lot

Never seems to be scared and is adventurous with you

She goes and grabs your ass long before you even consider grabbing hers

No she not easy, she is experienced and you are her type

Cereal on the floor, mess of a bed, hair is awful and a dog looks at you funny

Laughing on the floor and saying this was the best night ever

Calmness over you, laughingly, I’ve had better and a cereal/pillow fight occur

Lusting, loving, wanting and doing don’t need any bad labels

Death in love

The chest cavity feels about to explode, yet you try to remain calm. Merely you have to be calm if you wish to move forward in love  life. But you are impatient, this is what stories are made of. You wish to skip to the end credits. Those without showing but knowing what happened. The middle you are nervous about but you deserve your END credit SCENE of your own. 

But this is all games, your friends saying no way and you are a joke. They bet you and that too makes you nervous. But you realize something truly profane. That you understand that it did not matter what the others think, shame their small jock BRAIN. Because this is your first of at most 5 you will ever get. The one you are IN LOVE with and IN LOVE comes LIFE.

Wow I am being f ing Lazy today

I was so wrapped up with other things and worried about a few, like getting locked out here. I think it was a timing issue or I would have. I started walking to see said bf here 6 days in a row. He opened the door, saw me, closed it quick and yelled something to my sister and told the kids to not go near the door. I would say a minute later and it would’ve been triple locked.

But at least I was able to get in:)

Don’t tell

D o keep it to yourself friend

O only a few are in the know

N ow I am running this ruse

T o avoid stalking or followed

T o have a safe place to speak

E ven the mightiest at times do

L loading this site rather slowly

L eaving behind no bread crumbs

Under fire

Attacked from all directions, foes and a Benedict Arnold like crew. They came in as friends to be double agents to the highest bidder. I had no idea that there were many looking for my demise, but there were. 

I may succumb to all of this as I am only human. But I will try until I am finished off and left for dead by these perpetrators.

Family members passing

It is never an easy thing. Whether it is old age, chronic bad health due to their lifestyle and the endgame can be forever. Knowing they are wheeling around oxygen for months on end, getting on planes when they should not and continue to do things they should not, you still are feeling bad about their mindset regarding their affliction and ultimate passing due to it.