T oward a goal that you set

R olling down the smooth hill

Y our equilibrium is now askew

I side you’re feeling a little bit dizzy 

N ot going to stop you from an easy task

G lad it’s done and now get your legs back


A ll over most days is me

C aution the days I don’t

H ave me doing a bit much

I nto having a decent agenda

N ot into resting on prior laurels

G reat days seen once maybe again


F ire from deep within

I t’s time to move along

N o looking back, forward

A nother would but not me

L ast to sleep while thinking

L ost a battle but won the war

Y our turn to shine just for you


S o it’s so calming out today

verything starts off  real slow

R eally no edginess and all is well

E asy that it seems it’s an art to know

N ot going to stay slow forever it changes

E vening howls and the moon make this a game…

Don’t tell

D o keep it to yourself friend

O only a few are in the know

N ow I am running this ruse

T o avoid stalking or followed

T o have a safe place to speak

E ven the mightiest at times do

L loading this site rather slowly

L eaving behind no bread crumbs

Lifting memories

L ots to bring and take with you

I n most instances you have to

F orget pain along this journey

T rying to drag all your baggage

I t’s a better idea to cut and run

N othing to slow you down now

G etting away from a dark place