Rectal Teeth


  • You Are Chinese In Beijing
  • You read Americans poisoned Children
  • In Flint Michigan
  • What was the reaction
  • Defundthe EPA
  • Clean water for children is reprehensive
  • Besides for poor Black children it’s too expensive
  • No one goes to jail
  • Another of those too big to fail
  • But then, you are in Tokyo
  • And you read, Americans
  • Bomb the Syrians
  • For gassing Syrian children
  • You call your friend in Beijing
  • Are these Americans crazy
  • Just what are they thinking
  • Then you are in Tehran, Iran
  • You had a democratically elected government
  • The Americans overthrew
  • You have history with them
  • You knowmadness is what they do
  • Chaos is what they sow
  • You explain to your friend in Tokyo
  • Reading news in Viet Nam
  • Americans napalm’d children
  • Burning them like bacon’d ham
  • Americans, always lying
  • Always killing, always stealing
  • I dare you to name a land
  • Where they haven’t been
  • Attempting to…

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