The Inconspicuous Warrior. 


When the head’s too heavy to raise,

When the four walls scream

The tales of your solitude

Eyes chase your soul –

That hides, that is fearful.

Dust and lines make up your existence.

Be your bulwark,

For the wind is wild.

Strengthen your roots

For you create,

And nurture,

And annihilate.

Give voice to the words unuttered.

Be the man in the garden,

For there’s a nation of trampled grass

Behind you.

Be the lioness of the wild

For the lion capitultes before her.

Be the scarred beauty in the dark

When stars ornate your presence.

Be a warrior, shield,

The land of the forbidden angels.

Rise from the debris,

Into the proud sky.

Rise, yes rise,

Above the man.

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