You haunt and denounce me…


Hoping against hope

that you will notice me.

Just me and I dry up inside.

Wanting to be by your side.

But I have no chance, do I?

We live mere blocks away

for many years now

having past winter , not

seeing skin held my desires

to finally speak from being.

I look bad in my opinion,

perhaps a leper would find

interest in almost a monster.

Told I am being too hard on

myself.But they do not know

the cauldron boiling full of

lead that build inside my

chest. A countdown to seeing you

smiling, flirting, dressed to the

nines and always a lady. Legs

crossed over ankle. The form and

to envision your beauty is both a

gift and a curse. You snicker or

make a snide remark under your

breath as you pass me. It must be

about me right? You noticed that

I’m always looking…

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