20 things only those who relocate will understand (Part 2)


The part two of the Relocation article and if you haven’t read the first part, you can catch it here!

11. You no longer can keep up with happening to your country

You read news impacting the country you lived in, you do catch up news of your origin country but it just seems so far away now.

12. You tend to compare your country you came from and the country you reside in

Your opening statement is “But that is not how we do things in (insert your origin country)…” or “Back in (insert your origin country), we will not tolerate this.” Sounds familiar? Don’t worry about getting too defensive because when you go back home for a visit, you’ll be defending the country you moved to.


13. It is harder to make friends in your new environment

You don’t want to seem desperate yet every time you open…

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