Six word story

“Sometimes use the least traveled path”



Thoughts of an Escapist

Mag-isa na naman ako
Naaalala na naman kita
Palagi nalang ba akong magiging ganito?
Lagi na lamang ba kitang maiisip, aking sinta?

Nahihirapan na ako
Sana ay nandito ka na ulit sa tabi ko
Katulad ng dati, magkasama nating haharapin ang lahat
Magkahawak kamay nating tatalunin ang suliraning kinakaharap

Bumalik ka na sinta ko
Hanggang pagbabalik-tanaw nalang ba ako?
Bumalik ka na aking sinta
Ayokong makulong sa ala-ala

Kaya lang sa bawat pag-aala-ala ko
Namumulat lamang ang mga mata ko
Sa katotohanang wala ka na,
At hindi na muling babalik pa

Hindi mo manlang ako sinabihan
Na ika’y lilisan na
Kung oo sana’y sinabayan nalang kita
Nang sa gayo’y di ako ngayon nag-iisa

Sige na sinta, tanggap ko na
Hanggang ala-ala at puso nalang kita
Nawa’y masaya ka
Sa paraiso na kay ganda

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Chaotic Silence.



Before they surface,
The monsters,
Blooming like flowers
In the garden of my conscience,
Love me out
Of this chaotic silence.
All I ask is for a shelter
Under the warmth of your words.
A star named after me –
Something to look up to.
For this hush
Is anarchic.
Drizzle the symphony
Of vehemence into
The welts of my soul.
Love me until you run out of reasons.
Lips sealed, while your heart
Screams for my rescue.
Your presence –
Something dreams cannot envisage.
Storms of bliss,
Rejuvenates my ash blood.
Take me away,
Far into the woodland of my crux,
Away from the chaotic silence.

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20 things only those who relocate will understand (Part 2)


The part two of the Relocation article and if you haven’t read the first part, you can catch it here!

11. You no longer can keep up with happening to your country

You read news impacting the country you lived in, you do catch up news of your origin country but it just seems so far away now.

12. You tend to compare your country you came from and the country you reside in

Your opening statement is “But that is not how we do things in (insert your origin country)…” or “Back in (insert your origin country), we will not tolerate this.” Sounds familiar? Don’t worry about getting too defensive because when you go back home for a visit, you’ll be defending the country you moved to.


13. It is harder to make friends in your new environment

You don’t want to seem desperate yet every time you open…

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The Voice, The Music of The Lonely Diva

Joys of Joel

The Voice, The Music of The Lonely Diva, poem about stardom, joys of joel poems The Voice, The Music of The Lonely Diva –

The moonlight sky
Enticing lights
The whisperings
to try the carpet ride

The promise
of the golden throne
with its shiny
diamond stone

and celebrations
The endless stardom
in fantasy kingdom

The screaming fans
The pesky press
The sound of drums
The glitzy dress

At peak
and in total heat
The blinding lights
she was deceived

She was naive
She can’t believe
A weave of lies
She cannot leave

The paradise
of fame and lies
Against the voice
of fading spotlight

The tempting voice
she always hears
The scournful song
of whisperings

The lullaby
of sleeping pills
All those sweets
and all those weeds

Embracing her
with all its speed
Convincing her
it’s all she needs.

The fading voice
she always hears
The final song
she needs to sing

A cradle song
for a lonely queen
Drowned in a…

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Shaking Glass With Hammers

Elan Mudrow

photographer unknown ripper unknown photographer unknown
ripper unknown

You have held lovers

Planting your curly soul

Within their shaking innards


Where you felt they

Wanted to be shook.


Vibrating back at you,

You became shaken

Hiding the trembling

Heat and pulse.

Thoughts of fragility

Make you wonder

If we’re hollow

With thin glass skin

Full of cracks.

Embarrassed by your

Snicker of realization…that


We are born with hammers

Grip, index, thumb


You said

You won’t write

About hearts breaking

And now

Here you are.

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Sometimes you are pushed, bullied and more

It’s up to you to fight and endure

No kid gloves given

How hard you’re driven

Now it’s time to let them know you’re sure