Five Years Ago! #muc #graduatedfromcollege

Xara Nahara

Exactly five years ago, I graduated from the University of Mount Union. My best friend Dawn, Nan Wang (an old friend), and my favorite cousin (sorry to the other cousins) Bella were helping me pack my belongings from my apartment that I had on campus to move back to my mother’s home (where I would be for another two years before I set out on my own). Leah Scott, an older friend,  was there, too. Leah, Dawn, and Bella all became best friends then. I remember. Nan and I were in my room finishing the packing and were actually the saddest ones. She was going to miss me. I was going to miss her and the rest of the college. It was a necessary change, but a super big one.

I remember that I was driving my black Madza Millenia ’97 after we finished packing and taking care of other…

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