12 Things You can do to Hurt Your Boss Pretty Bad


Often than not, I talked about how bad management can get but one must not neglect the feelings of your boss, after all your boss is also a human. I can be hurt as well. I don’t just think that you are robots hired to do my bidding and I don’t take you as slaves but as empowered individuals with potential to grow more and further. Let me share 20 things you can do to hurt your boss.. If your boss is somewhat decent, you never want to resort to below means…

1. You talked maliciously behind or even in front of your boss

(While we understand everyone tends to bitch about their bosses every now and then, to have malicious intent to hurt is plain evil.)

2.  You throw your boss under the bus after he or she tried their best to defend you.

women-1019290_960_7203. You refuse to admit…

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