Nine Word Story

Joys of Joel

story about pain and lessons, raindrops and flowers, joys of joel writings, nine word story Nine Word Story –

You cut them short when you don’t want to listen. You need a very short story. You said brevity is a word of the wise. But if wisdom is what you want, why does it take you so long to find the key that you thought you’re holding?

Is the key all you need or a map to some path you always wanted? You only need the key for the door but how will you find the door if you don’t know where to start your journey and which path to take?

All you see are beautiful flowers, because what you want is a beautiful garden. You’re always scared of the forest. The unknown frightens you. Did someone ever tell you that sometimes the most beautiful flowers are the forgotten ones in the secluded wilderness where a ray of sunshine is like water on desert.

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