If a woman DOES?

She does not wait for the front door and kisses you in the parking lot

Never seems to be scared and is adventurous with you

She goes and grabs your ass long before you even consider grabbing hers

No she not easy, she is experienced and you are her type

Cereal on the floor, mess of a bed, hair is awful and a dog looks at you funny

Laughing on the floor and saying this was the best night ever

Calmness over you, laughingly, I’ve had better and a cereal/pillow fight occur

Lusting, loving, wanting and doing don’t need any bad labels

And All She Sees Is Him

Everything I Never Told You


Oh hell.

Here he comes again.

Just when you quit believing
there was more.

Only neanderthals on hollow horses,
but there he is holding out his hands

Ping goes the heart, and your clothes.

And how you love the tale,
the reveal.

You can’t believe how happy
you are, just to lie in his arms
and debate grapes and math.

And not only does this guy
listen to your prayers,
he actually reads and
loves your poetry.

You live on Chet Baker, and
the occasional sauteed mammal.

You watch Amazon and Hulu,
and wonder how you ever got
by with just cable and a mind
that constantly wandered
to avoid being present.

Now you live in the moment
and don’t care if it’s a cliche.

When you fall apart,
as you are prone to do.
He doesn’t condemn
but feeds you and tucks you in.

And he let’s you see

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