Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a WTF Announcement To Make

Xara Nahara

So, my fiancé is still playing Team Fortress 2. He is raging hard and saying really funny and relevant things about the game. I want to record him one day and put him on youtube. He is so much better than these other videos on youtube. Their rage is sort of funny, but it is nothing side-splitting like the rage of my fiancé. In fact, I was trying to match the loveliness of my fiancé’s rage by looking it up on twitch tv.

HERE IS WHERE THE ANNOUNCEMENT ACTUALLY STARTS. INSTEAD OF FINDING TEAM FORTRESS 2 on the channel because I was legitimately looking to watch someone else play Team Fortress 2 and rage in real time, I FOUND HENTAI. HENTAI IS JAPANESE/ANIME PORNOGRAPHY. Not that I’m complaining, but this is more of WTAF is happening in my life. I was shocked.

What the actual fuck?

Xara Nahara O’Connor

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4 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a WTF Announcement To Make

    1. Xara, are you sure your fiancee is for you? Paul, pal fitness. I screwed up twice with similar stories.Lured in and have so much thrown at you and then suddenly you get to think and see reality and think WTF? I am living a WTF story with my sister and dying for her to live as my life has taken a turn but I am able to help people. I have so many stories that are raises, it is like the original Jaws movie raise about scars. It is unreal to believe it happens but it does.


      1. Hahaha. My fiancé doesn’t have a wordpress account. He doesn’t have an Internet presence at all, really. And he is super funny. I know he is for me. My fiancé is soft and cuddly like a bear.

        Paul, pal fitness, is a great friend and blogger. He inspires me with his poems, awards, and information about working out and general health.

        I do understand WTF stories myself. My life has been like that ever since I moved out of my parents’ house. I made a few mistakes, but they seemed unavoidable at the time. My trust in people dwindled even further than what I already didn’t have. I’m also in a position where I can’t actually do everything alone, which is really stressing me out because I have to trust someone…


  1. Well at first I meant his constant game playing:)

    As far as doing a lot alone, I find myself doing that all the time, even when family was around. Now I am even doing things by myself with tech help, getting around on bike, making sure I do what I have to and sometimes you find just one thing and everything is worth it, despite how times we say WTF, SU, FU, EABOD and a few others:) Hang in there, my situation os seriously dire and am past WTF I am not nor ever played a RPG but I may just be doing so in realtime. Sadly.


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