Coachella Culture


So if you didn’t know, the music festival, Coachella, was this weekend.

I mean. Honestly, if I see another picture of a celebrity wearing a crochetcroptop, ripped acid wash jean shorts, and a flower crown while frolicking barefoot in Southern California, I might vom. It’s Coachella.You’re an ironic “millennial flower child.”We get it.


OK OK. Maybe I’m being a little harsh. Maybe that’s because I secretly wish I was there. And that honestly I know I’d love it.


But I digress.

Coachella happened. Just ask Vanessa Hudgens, the “Queen of Coachella.”


Is it just me, or will I alwaysonlybe able to see her as our sweet Gabriella from High School Musical singing Breaking Free with an airplaning Zac Efron fetus?



But anyways. I think it is kinda ironic that Coachella fell on “Good Shepard” Sunday.

Because, honestly…seeing grown men like Jared Leto (who let’s…

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