Coachella Culture


So if you didn’t know, the music festival, Coachella, was this weekend.

I mean. Honestly, if I see another picture of a celebrity wearing a crochetcroptop, ripped acid wash jean shorts, and a flower crown while frolicking barefoot in Southern California, I might vom. It’s Coachella.You’re an ironic “millennial flower child.”We get it.


OK OK. Maybe I’m being a little harsh. Maybe that’s because I secretly wish I was there. And that honestly I know I’d love it.


But I digress.

Coachella happened. Just ask Vanessa Hudgens, the “Queen of Coachella.”


Is it just me, or will I alwaysonlybe able to see her as our sweet Gabriella from High School Musical singing Breaking Free with an airplaning Zac Efron fetus?



But anyways. I think it is kinda ironic that Coachella fell on “Good Shepard” Sunday.

Because, honestly…seeing grown men like Jared Leto (who let’s…

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S o it’s so calming out today

verything starts off  real slow

R eally no edginess and all is well

E asy that it seems it’s an art to know

N ot going to stay slow forever it changes

E vening howls and the moon make this a game…

Jobs that can be replaced by a Freelancer


As the world is evolving and relying heavily on the digital world and technology, it is no wonder many companies especially the start-ups and small businesses are open to hiring freelancers to run their operations. This is actually a pretty smart move, considering that the companies get to keep the costs down with the option to cut back on full-time manpower, office equipment, spaces, health insurance etc just by using freelancers.

There are already jobs that are relying on freelancers such as private drivers, real estate agents, insurance agents, tutors, babysitters and door to door salesman. Today, we’re going to explore jobs that potentially can be taken over by freelancers working from home.

Telemarketers / Lead Generators
Not surprising that many have already taken on freelancers to do this role. They are only required to follow a script and all they need is a computer, headphones, a software like Skype…

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The Stop Light

Joys of Joel

quote about stop light, joys of joel quotes, photo of stop light, love poem The Stop Light –

I was walking in downtown Vancouver when I took this photo.  Sometimes, an ordinary thing can flashback a memory, is it the stop light or just you on my mind?

Should i stop and leave
when the stop light is on

When all the red flags
are speaking so strong

Should i walk through
when the green light blinks

When all i see
is a stream of hope blinking

But just like a blind man
walking across the street

that tempting soothing sound
enticed me to walk across your town

the chirping lovely rhyme
telling me it’s time

giving me the warning
that i should decide

Tell me why
you stop, look and listen
when you walk in the street
but why can’t you do it
when you walk into me?

and since you can’t answer
this question after all

the stop light gives its…

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a WTF Announcement To Make

Xara Nahara

So, my fiancé is still playing Team Fortress 2. He is raging hard and saying really funny and relevant things about the game. I want to record him one day and put him on youtube. He is so much better than these other videos on youtube. Their rage is sort of funny, but it is nothing side-splitting like the rage of my fiancé. In fact, I was trying to match the loveliness of my fiancé’s rage by looking it up on twitch tv.

HERE IS WHERE THE ANNOUNCEMENT ACTUALLY STARTS. INSTEAD OF FINDING TEAM FORTRESS 2 on the channel because I was legitimately looking to watch someone else play Team Fortress 2 and rage in real time, I FOUND HENTAI. HENTAI IS JAPANESE/ANIME PORNOGRAPHY. Not that I’m complaining, but this is more of WTAF is happening in my life. I was shocked.

What the actual fuck?

Xara Nahara O’Connor

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Hall Pass


hall_pass_pad_neon_green_note_pads-rbbd3fa2bdcac405cb17a03e9b741fb91_amb08_8byvr_512.jpg-Hall Pass

We are all Students and I am going to give you this hall pass to life and it has no return time on it. I need you to walk carefully but boldly right out that door and experience life. But this time I want you to be aware of everything in its entirety.  I want you to really experience life this time. The sky is the limit! You can do absolutely what you want to do with this Hall Pass. But–be mindful of the power this gives you because you can do some constructive things as well as some destructive things to yourself. There are flowers out there to bring you joy and there are weeds out there that will bring you pain. There are also flowers out there with thorns, so stay alert, but enjoy the experience. As you go along, write down your name, and where you are…

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Death in love

The chest cavity feels about to explode, yet you try to remain calm. Merely you have to be calm if you wish to move forward in love  life. But you are impatient, this is what stories are made of. You wish to skip to the end credits. Those without showing but knowing what happened. The middle you are nervous about but you deserve your END credit SCENE of your own. 

But this is all games, your friends saying no way and you are a joke. They bet you and that too makes you nervous. But you realize something truly profane. That you understand that it did not matter what the others think, shame their small jock BRAIN. Because this is your first of at most 5 you will ever get. The one you are IN LOVE with and IN LOVE comes LIFE.