Wind in an open field

Today, a beautiful day, I one to a flat field

Thoughts of exercise, running but stared at Squirrels 

A good day to finally run and fast but no

Just an open field and no clouds

Little wind and then a gust or two

Lucky to see a Chipmunk and interacted with a squirrel

No fight in order

No turf war or look at my juice peks

An odd hello and tell Marge hello

An ebb and flow of wind, light clouds, people and being relaxed

A day to wish for any day

A simple one

A lovely one

A vision

A look



Have you ever sat in a room full of people and felt alone? I remain silent, as I watch people pass me by but I remain invisible. For many years I have struggled to understand why I was invisible. How could it be possible to be physically present and mentally absent at the same time? I remain silent watching my surroundings from the inside out.

Today I am here to tell you not to overlook the strength in invisibility. By mentally separating myself from the outside world, I’ve learned how to love myself. The people that use to be there to validate me were no longer there, forcing me to learn to love myself. I’ve learned to be comfortable in my own skin. It was like I met myself for the first time and I liked her. I learned to accept her for her flaws, cried with her, and had…

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If Tomorrow Never Comes

The Lonely Author


If Tomorrow Never Comes

What would you do today
If tomorrow never comes
Will you find a good seat
To admire the final sunset
Would you appreciate the
things you took for granted
who will you hold one final
time when forever arrives
lets make time to forgive
and share a day of world peace
as we live eternity tonight
If tomorrow never comes

While researching magazines to submit my writing, I discovered the need for sci-fi poetry. The inspiration for this post comes from my reading of a NEO (near Earth object), an asteroid destined to pass the Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029.  When it was first discovered in December 2004, NASA estimated the asteroid (named 99942 Apophis) had a 2.7% chance of slamming into the Earth.  We now know this asteroid will be a near miss.

Photo taken from Pixabay.

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