Moments clarify,
Polish and garnish you.
At every fall of the sun,
I dive into the deepest
Of the possessed ocean.
I sublime into you.
Sunshine smiles,
A saccharine smile on my bare lips.
You breathe
The music of the quiet waves
Into me –
Gently bruising my soul.
The water, warm –
Soothes my ash heart.
Locking you
Into the pages of my solitude
Drenching you
In the ink of my words.
Worthless, I turned,
In the absence of your presence.
Static as I could be,
I ran a million miles.
Shutting my eyes,
I tried to transfigure
Reality into fiction;
And didn’t I try to sink,
But darling,
You kept me afloat,
Every single time.

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