5 thoughts on “The Bell Jar – Published by YouShare Project!

    1. You’re welcome:) I hated hearing them talk about you as they were full on stalker and he said I am not that bored , he read things about you, your marriage and issues having a child. I almost killed him 6 weeks ago


      1. She said 2 weeks ago, since you are not leaving I am telling everyone that you are a menace and I have to have my kids sleep in the room with me and the door locked. She was doing that at 8.5 years old until Xmas bc her bf needs to get off

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  1. The bf looked at a lot of your posts and about you and he pissed me off while making fun of you. Mind you if you saw him you would easily tear him a new one as you are a smart cookie. Between the two of them they have told every parent in the area that I am a bad person. Umm I was hurt in a serious accident and was a mess for over a year. But she spun it and that is OK but OMG someone on the internet is talking about them without even knowing their name they get looked up, made fun of and mocked. I was pretty upset. Especially when I found the router he was using, shot down the ping and the WP user name


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