One Crazy Summer….4 TM

A lonely fellow was always harassed by the cute and fuzzy bunnies

They say always say he’ll never have love making jokes at his funnies

His next cartoon he bazookas all of umm

The next time they were much nicer hmm

Now he is more comfortable, not as afraid and for him more honeys


***Just A fast one*** 


There are lots of things to brush

For women there is certainly hair.

Some men do too, theirs and their lovers

Of course there would be children and a style

Not least would be pets,  bow and ribbons or nothing

Some people see brushing as a chore and work

To those working with a fashionista it is

But to others it is a passion and an art

So the question is to brush or to not?

Give in the the artsy side or need…


Everything I Never Told You

Guess what? It’s not Sunday. I can’t stay away from you people. I think it’s safe to say I have an addictive personality. Fortunately for me, I’m not much of a drinker and I’ve never tried drugs. I suppose there’s worse things to be addicted to than blogging. Dr. Diva, I’m looking at you.

The following poem is a commentary on politics and politicians in general. I apologize for the bitter tone of the post. I’m just truly fed up with the current political climate.


Amplified darkness.
No music, just noise.
A voice of self, of selfishness.
The handiwork of greed.
This me-ness of rancid meat.
Broken into bitter bits, then
cut into sharper pieces.
No integrity as a whole.
Just hungry overgrown babies
crying and clawing, howling in
the wind, choking; on the last bit
of protein. Washing it down
with well water; trying to soothe
their unwell throats.

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A lovely day

Tis truly a day one could call this type of wonderful day

No argument here from any sort frolicking out in the hay

Ah enjoyment all around me

Yet there are none from thee

However it is for you, remember it as that it was set out to stay