Psyche’s Spiral

Life is all about PAIN

      Letting your heart suffer the grieves was an option.Letting

                                                                                                             it to

galaxies Its exists no-where inside or outside! Don’t you  Heal

In the                                                                                  compare  Feel

clouds    Love! Try searching for it inside yourself!   with    And

In the     Dear  smile! Feel  being  alive!       Inside    …

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Love Me

Everything I Never Told You


Hello. This will be my last post until Sunday. I leave you with a (gasp) love poem, done my way. Hopefully, devoid of sap.

Love me, not just my body,
but the curvature of my spirit.
Take me as I am, as I’ll be.
Give me the quiet music
of your heart. Teach me
the lyrics and tune.
Love me for infinity, and not
just indefinitely. Tell me
we can work, if we work
for it as if it were our livelihood.
As if it were our art.
Love me enough to make
revisions to replenish.
Let me be the black and
blue uprooting your veins.
Love me from the inside out,
where the echos are heard everywhere.
Let me be your irreplaceable.
This body, this spirit, this future corpse.
Let me translate and soothe in a language
that’s never been anywhere but us.
Love me with substance and let…

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H for Heroes

Don't Gobblefunk Around With Words


“Sure we can pull this off,” the meerkat said rolling his eyes.

“We can’t kill him! What if the zookeeper hears him?” the other one said, looking around their little room anxiously.

“He won’t hear a thing, because he won’t scream. He trusts us,” he said, walking towards the little opening that led to the larger cave. “We’ll be heroes if we finish him off.”

“But… but…what if…”

“Shh,” the other one said, waving his sharp claws in the air for silence. “I think those were footsteps,” he whispered, backing towards the other meerkat.

“Are you kidding me? Now he’s heard us. He’s sure come to kill us now. Ohh, we’re dead meerkats!” he started howling, but the other clapped his paw over his mouth.

“What is that peculiar smell?” he said suddenly, sniffing the air.

Slowly, he took the paw away from the mouth of the other meerkat…

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