Letter M reveals a true cool story

Daisy in the Willows


I’m on the letter  M . I think I skipped  couple of letters.

Today is super light hearted. I have a story about monkeys and my once upon a time ago- relationship with them.

I grew up in Africa. Monkeys were like naughty pets and  thieves.

One morning. I’m chilling watching cartoon network. I still remember what I as watching – Johnny Bravo .


 I had the sliding door open and I hear some movement behind the sofa. I turn around and there is an entire family of monkeys on the dining room table trying to steal our fruit out of our fruit bowl!

I screamed for my Ma. She came down and shooed them away with a broom stick.  Speaking of broomsticks I also have stories about snakes but let’s take it easy.

One story at a time .  Calm down Daisy...

My most frustrating story with monkeys…

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