Heart of Gold



After reading the Alchemist three times, I must admit, I’m intrigued by it even more than the first read. There’s soo much meat there for a serious observer, or for one who thinks. All sorts of ideas and concepts can be drawn from this little tale. I for one think about the idea of the heart, and how it can be hardened by fear alone. Or– how it can tell you of yourself and your destiny if you take the time to look beyond your fears and keep focus on your treasure. The Alchemist is able to turn a mere piece of metal to gold, says the myth. So– in a way we should be performing that same miracle. We should strip away the junk and garbage that we allow to pollute our minds and bodies. The heart speaks a language soo softly, that the polluted mind can’t hear, better…

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No Gem Here

Everything I Never Told You


Knowing that I’m less than a diamond,
no emerald or pearl, only mere glass.
I’m not afraid of being common,
or choking on insecurity’s bone.

I carry no bitterness in my veins.
Just a faulty valve of naivety.
My blood pulses with compassion.
The flow of humanity.
Brokenness, the barbedwire
fence I like to call my soul.

I trip over needle and thread
trying to sow a stronger spine.
I back tack kindness to my sleeve
and watch as my heart slips to the floor.

Hope perches on my breastbone.
I listen to it’s tune, wanting to soar.
It drowns out the murmurs
of negativity and doubt.
Finally unencumbered,
I sing along, the words repeat
“go on” “go on” “go on”.

-Tosha Michelle


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Life is all about PAIN !!

 I am


  away  by

 the flow of your love.

 A noiseless, silent flow!

 Not by your love at least!

 But by your flow, that over flows!

  And makes the entire surrounding wet silently!

                               Inside the walls, inside the beats

                                                    And inside me wholly!

                                        This doesn’t burns me down!

                                          But burns my little innocent,


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January Beauty Faves



Wooow I can’t believe January has come and gone.! This year is already flying by.January went soo fast that I didn’t realize that we’re in the second week of February already. January surprised me with a nice mix of beauty favorites.I just picked my most loved products for this past month and the ones I used most.



1,Nivea fruity shine pink Guava.
I use Nivea fruity shine pink guava all day everyday. It’s slightly shimmery and it smells and tastes like a yummy fruit.its a sassy barbie pink that is so fun and girlie;and its a nice break for the minimum makeup days.There’s a tingling sensation when I apply it since it has a lustrous finish.It also makes my lips look more plump and full.Which means I can wear it with my next favorite,
Drum roll please!…….




2,Signature lipstick.
Every time I have worn makeup the past month,I…

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