I’m Right Here.



I’m right here.
Open up your eyes,
Enable me to walk in.
Let me be your disciple.
I’m right there.
A chrisom of mirthful haze
Coating your body.
I’m right there
In the aura of your mettle.
I’m right there
Living in the mass of crushed paper
Inked by your unuttered words.
I’m right there
In the bloom of the floret
A young breeze of comfort, I bring.
With warmth after the cold Wintertide.
I’m right there.
Hiding in the glimpses,
You take away from unknown blood.
I’m right there,
In the red of your satin lips,
Stealing a kiss.
I’m right there,
The glaze of your skin,
Under the starlit azure.
Don’t go curious about me.
Pause the keen observing.
Look inside,
I’m there stitching your shattered heart.
I’m there consuming,
Every minute of your thoughts.
I’m right here,
Even when I’m not.

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