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Helene Laurent I Hélène Laurent.-

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►About  Hélène Laurent:

Word Lover inhabited by images. Specialist in Arts Performance. Founder and manager of “La Poesía no muerde”/”Poetry does not bite,” art community that promotes  collective poetry and the creative exchange from, different aesthetic approaches and sensibilities. Amateur photographer. She took part in the collective publications “Poetry in the distance” (“At your encounter” and “In the end, poetry) alongside other spanish poets. She was second runner-up in the Social Poetry Award of León, and runner-up in the contestant “On what happens between verses” and “A poem in eighty days”, during 2015.

►Sobre Hélène Laurent:

Amante de la palabra habitada por imágenes. Especialista en Artes Escénicas. Fundadora y administradora de “La Poesía no muerde”, comunidad artística que promueve la creación conjunta y el intercambio creativo desde especialidades, estéticas y sensibilidades distintas. Aficionada a la fotografía. Participó en las publicaciones colectivas “Poesía en la distancia” (“A tu encuentro” y “Al final, poesía), con poetas…

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Today my cat and I argued, Then we shared a glass of Jameson.

Musings of a mad woman


She ended up being a horrible drinking partner. Whiskey just isn’t for everyone. She has this horrible black cat stigma of being bad luck. She tends to hold back and never opens up. Sobbing the narcissistic cat broke down. She removed her mask. We bonded and she ran upstairs to bed with the kids. I think it’s because we watched Cat’s eye the movie based on the Steven King’s novel. Now the cats thinks she is our gaurdian. The black cat stigma is one reason she was adopted. It’s horrible how poorly black cats are treated. They are killed, abandoned, mistreated, and judged because they are simply born black cats.

So a bit of musing, Tonight I realized, I’m a little like the black cat. It’s possibly the reason my cat and I don’t get along but love each other. We compete for attention, but wear very different mask.

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Own the Years

Everything I Never Told You


Before the years vanish
Let your body wander.
Be a lover, a traveler.

Let the theatrical lights
shine on you.
Bathe in the syllables
of adventure.

Crown the stars, and
dine on constellations.
Drink up the sunlight.

See the Nile, and tropical islands.
Take note of each sunset,
the mountains, the ocean.
Don’t let there be
a single empty page
in your life book.

Be a door swung open,
withhold nothing.
Dare to do, so you have
no regrets.

Don’t let your life
be haunted by dreams
that happened elsewhere,
and to someone else.
Haunted by the ones you never met,
the journeys you failed
to take.

Lift your arms up
and embrace what you make be.
Belong to the jungle,
the marketplace,
the English cottage,
the abbeys of Italy,
the domes, and to all
the scenes of your life.

-Tosha Michelle

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Staying Productive as a Freelancer


Previously, I have posted articles and tips on Time Management and how apps increase my productivity. However, being a freelancer, time is pretty much controlled by yourself. Unless, of course, your clients dictate on the time you need to work, otherwise, it is pretty much left to individuals to manage their time as long as work gets done and projects get submitted right on time.

Many of you have wondered how I managed to post an article almost every day and still have time for my clients, my family (not forgetting my attention demanding kittens) and myself. My clients sometimes wonder as well and often pop the question how did I manage to juggle it all. Today, I shall share my secrets and see if you are able to apply these tricks to your daily lives as well.


Work Anywhere and Everywhere
As I’m writing this, I’m slurping my noodles…

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