Ever have someone say this?

Oh even though I use the microwave for over an hour a day my bf says my 15 year old microwave that I am using it for a few minutes a day caused it to break? Or her  bathroom, her downstairs one I never use is dirty bc of me? Or all of the pots and pans are hers and I did not have any?That I thoroughly clean dishes and then she adds to them and cleans like shit and fast and manages to leave a mess, puts non dirty stuffing grease, drying stuff upright and somehow them not getting dry and the grime she leaves is on me when I clean and she adds a mess and puts it away dirty. Lastly, the stove cooked on 25 times a week a is dirty is due to me doing one meal a week?


11 thoughts on “Ever have someone say this?

    1. I am surprised I have yet to see you before. This is a second site and I have not seen you there either and was told not to unless I know the person by security. I have a lot going on today and normally write many posts, challenges and awards daily. Adding the second site and all what I normally do ASAP is a day away.


      1. My apologies – I am only starting to fully understand the world of blogging and I hadn’t come across your other site. There’s no problem, you don’t have to accept if there’s too much going on – consider it an act of recognition on my part in that case. 🙂

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