To my award posting friends I will do them tomorrow

I have been overwhelmed and a few of you know what I mean. I am in a bad time. I am not writing as much as normal, checking sites and other things due to a conflict I can’t win. I know you will understand as anyone that sees my action on my other site knows I bang out posts and awards. Unless I am stuck on my phone or the library that does not allow pulling pics to the desktop. I do have at least 2 in my queue for tomorrow. 🙂

Ever have someone say this?

Oh even though I use the microwave for over an hour a day my bf says my 15 year old microwave that I am using it for a few minutes a day caused it to break? Or her  bathroom, her downstairs one I never use is dirty bc of me? Or all of the pots and pans are hers and I did not have any?That I thoroughly clean dishes and then she adds to them and cleans like shit and fast and manages to leave a mess, puts non dirty stuffing grease, drying stuff upright and somehow them not getting dry and the grime she leaves is on me when I clean and she adds a mess and puts it away dirty. Lastly, the stove cooked on 25 times a week a is dirty is due to me doing one meal a week?

Great spotted woodpecker in Belarus, video

Feel The Neil

Life is all about PAIN !!







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Pop on a Peplum


Hello Loves,
Fashion that’s flattering? Yes please!!!

Peplum! If you’re unfamiliar with this term,a peplum is basically a short flared strip of fabric that is attached at the waist of a jacket,dress or blouse. Aaaand this year peplum tops are back in trend and enjoying their moment. This waist-whittler is here to stay for at least more years,that’s why its a good investment. On a personal note,I truly love the trend translate on tops. Its a fun, flirty and add a feminine twist on any standard blouse. So really,what’s not to Love? There’s just something so chic about their architectural yet sleek shape,it accentuates narrow waists,giving the figure a more curvaceous, feminine appearance. A perfect style to flatter and compliment any body shape.

Some peplum are cut shorter or longer and some are more flared out or more ruffled at the bottom. From the uber extravagant ones that look like…

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