Vive la Vida



Under the blessings
Of a million stars
Silvery sparkle spread
Like a blanket of bliss.
An aura like gold dust
Wears your flesh.
You shoot a giggle,
Now and then,
To dance on my lips.
Through the hub of the Parisian lights
I see the twinkle in your eyes.
Music leaps,
And locks us in the hands of time.
Air, in between,
Plays the symphony of breezy souls.
Words, of yours,
Imprints on the pages of my heart;
Muffling my spirit.
A mortal flesh,
The sun failed to tame
The stars couldn’t sparkle on.
I drink the kernel of your existence,
Diving into your thoughts
Plucking the roses of memories –
Smoothening the thorns,
That pierce.
Sowing new seeds,
For exuberant beauties.
You smiled a soul of words –
To sweetly whisper
The lyrics of the dark.

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