🐾🐾 My Furry Friends…🐾🐾🐾



Hello Loves,
Dogs have a special chemistry with humans,and through the ages man has called dog one of his closest companions, protector,helper and probably lifesaver. There’s a reason why we call them mans best friend. And I think the reason is because dogs have allowed us to be their best friend.

A few days ago I visited, my friend Rukenya at her home in Loresho Nairobi. Mary Rukenya is two things classy and fabulous. It was my second time there and I was pretty excited. My first time to her home was kind of a big deal since when you first visit a friends house it means you have reached another level of your friendship which is great,but can make you a little nervous. You act a little more reserved than usual,or you’re overly helpful and you become obsessed with their pets; especially if you don’t have your own. Yep…

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