Beliefs(4) The answer to peace?

Daisy in the Willows

The earliest of signs of The ‘if you do good you will get a sticker on your moral  chart’ ,go back to the Chewong   people- mainly spread around Malaysia.


This is one culture and society of people  who do  not have have  any  violent  and competitive words in their language.

They don’t understand what war is or what punishment and fear is.

I think I have found our best chance at finding peace in the world

This fact of how the gender role dynamics play out is fascinating and makes me think ,

Where did we go so wrong?

Gender Relations. The Chewong recognize that men are physically more adept at tasks requiring greater strength and that women have the biological task of child bearing and nursing, but they ascribe no special status to any of the distinct male or female roles.

Hunting carries no more prestige or…

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