Sharing Muffins with A Manager


Managers are dime aplenty but good visionary leaders are rare in this world. Today, we celebrate another good manager appearing in our midst and welcome Chris OKeefe to join MiddleMe for an up-close and personal interview.

Hey, Chris! I’m so glad you can join us and give me this opportunity to talk heart-to-heart from a manager to a manager. So share with us, who is Chris OKeefe? And what industry are you involved in?

Thank you, Kally. It is a pleasure to be a guest on MiddleMe.

I’ve been managing a group or program of some sort for over 20 years. For almost thirteen years, I’ve been in my current position managing a research group in a university medical school and hospital. We have about six full-time staff and work with a number of faculties (doctors and psychologists) on several studies. For some of the studies, we coordinate the…

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