My Manicure Implements 💅💅💅


Hello loves,
I usually end up doing at-home manicures. When doing nails at home,it’s definitely important to have great polish options, but it’s equally important to have the right tools to complete your manicure and make it last. So now we can take chipped (and not sooo well-groomed)nails into your own hands. Everyone (even men) need a manicure set on standby,whether its a nail emergency, or simply a spa night at home. I know,I know “Manicure for Men?!!!!” Yes,it may seem unusual. The idea of owning a manicure set can be ridiculous for the uber-macho kinda guy.But proper nail care is not for the ladies only. Men too have to care for their nails just like any other individual.
My manicure set contains everything I need to smooth,file,and clip my nails and cuticles my lovelies. My must-have manicure tools are……




My pink multifunctional travel size cosmetic bag makeup pouch. This…

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