Happy happy jooooooy!! My favorite time of the month. Its March, March I tell ya! Maaaaaaarch! Yeeepy time to chat favorites…..

Time is flying and I am using a bunch of the same things as last month (January Favorites) I guess that is good? It means am really really loving them.
However this past month, there are another set of products I enjoyed testing, using,rediscovering. Here are some things that I’m nutso over right now.

Lips lips lips.



This lip balm fall into the desert- island- must-have category. The Nivea pure and natural milk and honey that leaves my lips softer than ever in no time. I absolutely love this product. The color,the moisture. Everything!

A water proof mascara that defines and lengthen without smudging? Done and done…


This Xeujun mascara creates volume for lashes that will make you want to blink like all the time.it leaves ones lashes…

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