How To Shut Down A Slaughterhouse [NOT Graphic]

Making Waves 🌸utreach

How do you shut down a slaughterhouse? Meet the activists who risked everything when they locked themselves inside a slaughterhouse gas chamber and brought the entire facility to a halt.

There’s a reason we pay others to kill our animals for us. And there’s a reason why the process is kept hidden. If people could see what really goes on inside a slaughterhouse, the world would have a lot more vegans.

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A place to hide

I need to run away but I just can’t

I have no means to do it now

My answer is no help from anyone

Nobody to depend on evermore

So I just hide

Stay in the dark

Tracing the shadows

Feeling the soft light

For just a second

Now I’m banished

No more tom foolery

Back under house and key…


Poesy plus Polemics

stairway-to-paradise_p “Stairway to Paradise” from

break the fast
of a serenade night
set the tile-laid table
al fresco beneath
an Italian made sun
seaside terrace
of soft ancient stone
Roman columns and urns
dressed in blossoms
distinct with a tincture
resplending the morning
of Mediterraneum

such is a day
worth remembering
rich with tranquility
deaf to the din
of the rest of the world
a day in a place
of a time when
two lovers may savor
a sensory rhapsody
heartbeats in phase with
the lilt of cool waves
rolling home

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Life is all about PAIN !!

I am torn.

          I am cut.

              I am ripped.

Deeply from my roots.

                         Never to

                             Be lived


I flow down. I blow down!

                                   Down and


                                  Struggle for

                                    The existence

That existed someday into someone’s


                                          Zombies are coming!

                                                                 The carbon,


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Under the Influence, and Liking It

Xara Nahara

I don’t drink often, but when I do, I drink hard. I drink straight liquor and pretend my body is a temple. Kahlua is truly the best substance in the Earth. I feel so stiff when I am sober and feel like my mind is going a million miles an hour. I wouldn’t have even written here to tell everyone that I moved to Athens, GA until way later. I’ve just been so busy doing this and that, and this and that, it seems like all of the stuff just like appeared out of nowhere because I emptied out my drawers for packing. My stuff is all in disarray, so therefore my mind is in disarray.

But enough about all of that bullshit. I’m just happy it’s Easter and that I can away with drinking. I also didn’t get much sleep last night because of all of the packing and…

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Everything I Never Told You


Sometimes even the flutter
of moth wings is too loud.
I crave silence. I even write
in hushed tones under an oak
tree where nature seems
spiritual and serenity touches
me through the dew filled daisies.
I raise my pen to the sun.
I take in the charm of fresh air,
a storytelling of peace. It’s easier
to trust in the smell of honeysuckles
and the blueness above than humans.
People vanish with the seasons and create
noise and chaos inside my head. But the sky,
today, at least, is a reliable ally.
It whispers to me in
calm meditative tones
In the quiet I breathe again.

-Tosha Michelle

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